Top Five Tips to Improve Your Sheet Metal Design

Designing custom parts like enclosures or panels involves juggling several considerations alongside your specific needs. This can be a daunting task, especially for those new to custom manufacturing. To help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project, it’s essential to sidestep common pitfalls in sheet metal design, which we highlight in this article.

Distance Between Cutouts and Bends 

One usual oversight is placing cutouts too close to bending lines, which goes against minimum bend standards. When metal is bent, close cutouts may warp, causing fitment issues. However, you can use notches to keep cutouts intact, particularly useful in designs requiring intricate details or specific hardware accommodations.

 Selecting Suitable Finishes 

The right finish for a part matters for both looks and protection. At Prototech Machining, powder coating is a popular choice for its dual benefits. However, for those preferring a raw metal look, options like grained or media blasting are available. If corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are priorities, chemical conversion and passivation finishes are ideal. They also make great base layers for further powder coating, enhancing longevity. Keep in mind that powder coating adds thickness to your part, affecting dimensions. 

 Accounting for Powder Coating Thickness 

Forgetting to factor in the thickness of powder coating can lead to design miscalculations, especially with cutout sizes.

 Optimal Bend Radius

A bend radius that’s too tight can be a structural weak spot in sheet metal, risking damage or deformation. Contact Prototech Machining’s dedicated professional team to determine the best bend radius for your material and thickness, ensuring durability and functionality.

 Exploring Prototech Machining Resources

To minimise design errors and enhance your design skills, delve into the wealth of resources offered by Prototech Machining. Our website is packed with guides, charts, and tips. Leveraging these can significantly improve your design process and project outcomes. 

Prototech Machining aims to make ordering custom parts as smooth and efficient as possible. They offer support in sheet metal design and encourage using their resources for quicker and more efficient part sourcing.

To obtain your own custom-designed sheet metal products, contact Prototech’s team of dedicated and highly trained professionals who will always provide a satisfactory answer to your questions and bring out your ideal customised solutions.


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