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What Is Kovar Alloy Machining

Kovar alloy is a low-expansion and vacuum-melted alloy made of iron, nickel, and cobalt materials. Their controlled chemical composition ensures precision in terms of thermal expansion properties that ease machining. At ProtoTech Machining Co., Limited, we have expertise in Kovar alloy machining using advanced tooling and tool materials. To achieve uninterrupted cuts, we recommend cutting-edge Kovar tooling and tooling materials, such as Carbide tools, which allow the highest cutting rates and turning operations. High-speed steel tools are also suggested here for uninterrupted cuts when roughing uneven surfaces or finishing to achieve the smoothest surfaces and close tolerances. For the steel-cutting tools, we recommend a speed of 35/FPM and a feed of 0.254mm to 0.305mm approximately for each revolution. It should have a big tip larger than 25° and a front clearance of about 7°. Upload your 3D files today online or submit your query to get a free online quote promptly!

Why Choose Kovar Alloy Machining

Kovar alloy offers precise and accurate dimensions with changing temperatures, making it best for sensitive metal components and parts.

Kovar alloys ensure good machining speeds for complex part designs when combined with CNC technology, like drilling, reaming, and tapping.

It is possible to create strong assemblies for machined parts as Kovar alloys bond well with different materials, like ceramics, glass, etc.

In electronic applications, Kovar alloys are the best choice for machined parts due to minimizing magnetic disruption.

Kovar alloy has unique thermal expansion properties, making it valuable across various industrial applications, from aerospace to electronics to medical sectors.

In electronic machined parts and components, Kovar alloys are used for creating leak-proof seals.

Kovar alloy machining ensures a stable structure for the machined parts to withstand harsh climates and give lasting performance.

Why ProtoTech Machining for Kovar Alloy Machining

  • Rapid Lead Times

    With our top CNC tools and machines, we deliver Kovar alloy machined parts just within 5 years globally, meeting your deadlines.

  • Available Materials

    We have over 50 certified metal and alloy varieties best suited for Kovar alloy machining. You can rest assured of the best outcomes.

  • Great Scalability

    We can deliver Kovar machined parts of any size, from small batches to large productions of up to 10,000 parts.

  • High Precision

    We guarantee tolerance ranging from +/- 0.001″ – 0.005″ to meet consistency and accuracy in Kovar machined components and parts.

  • Various Surface Finishes

    We can achieve the surface finish you desire on Kovar alloy machined parts and components depending on the specific design requirements.

  • Extensive Experience

    Our experts have a proven track record and extensive experience in machining precise and intricate Kovar alloy parts for different industrial applications.

Kovar Alloy Machining Design Guidelines

DrillingApproximately 40/FPM and feeds about 0.0508mm to 0.0635mm at 118° to 120° angle (for a  4.76mm diameter hole)
ReamingSlight face rake around 5° to 8°
chamfer about 0.127mm to 0.254mm at 30 degrees
land margin be 0.127mm to 0.254mm
Tappingbelow 4.76mm at approximately 20/FPM speed
Cutting ToolApproximately 0.254mm to 0.305mm/ revolution at a speed of 35/FPM
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