5 Axis Machining

ProtoTech Machining leads the industry in precision and innovation with our 5-axis machining services, transforming complex designs into tangible masterpieces with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Revolutionizing Precision Manufacturing with 5-Axis CNC Machining

Beyond precision, 5-axis technology offers substantial cost savings. By combining various machining operations into a single setup, it boosts production throughput, reduces cycle time, eliminates costly fixtures, and minimizes overall waste. This efficient and economical approach ensures faster lead times, quicker production turnaround, and exceptional quality compared to standalone horizontal or vertical machining.

Whether aiming for cost efficiency, machining complex parts, achieving extreme tolerances, or a combination, Trace-A-Matic stands as your premier 5-axis machine shop for world-class precision.

Machining Capabilities Summary

Impellers, turbines, eccentric axis, multifaceted, irregular, convex, and concave parts
27.5” x 120”
All standard metals, aluminum, armor plate, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, gammalloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, manganese, Monel, nickel, Nitralloy, powdered metals, stainless steel, Stellite, titanium, Waspaloy, and a wide range of superalloys

Castings, forgings, fabricated weldments, billets, and bar stock

Boring, broaching, counterboring, countersinking, cutting, drilling, facing, gear hobbing, internal forming, knurling, milling, parting, pocketing, profiling, reaming, spline, tapping, threading (external, internal), turning (contour, form, taper, straight), and thread milling
Aerospace, Defense, Food Processing, Heavy Equipment, Medical Equipment, Military, Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Transportation
DMG Mori and Mazak – Please refer to our Equipment List for specific 5-axis information and capabilities.

Exploring 5-Axis CNC Machining

A 5-axis machining center features a variable-speed tool spindle head with multidirectional rotary axes orientation. Raw material securely clamps into an indexing chuck or onto a table. The spindle head assembly moves in tandem with the chuck or index table along the travel columns, precisely manipulating the workpiece and cutting tool to achieve the required tool path for material removal. 5-axis machines enable single setups, infinite geometry cutting, efficient chip management, extended tool life, repeatable manufacturing, and high-speed simultaneous 5-axis precision machining. Similar to standard milling and turning machines, this process follows subtractive manufacturing principles.

Anatomy of a 5-Axis Machine

  1. Rotary Spindle Head:

    Variable-speed spindle housing a rotating cutting tool.
    Travels on the Y-axis (front to back) and spins on the B-axis.

  2. Cutting Tool:

    Machine tools responsible for subtractive manufacturing, cutting material from the workpiece to shape the part.

  3. Traveling Columns:

    The Z-axis (left to right) and X-axis (top to bottom) columns facilitate the movement of the rotary spindle head and tooling.

  4. Main Spindle:

    Primary chuck holding the workpiece, capable of rotating on the C-axis at speeds up to 2,500 RPMs and moving on the Z-axis.

  5. Sub-Spindle:

    Secondary chuck holding the workpiece, able to revolve on the C-axis at speeds up to 2,500 RPMs and move on the Z-axis.

  6. CNC Control Panel:

    The interface used by machinists to program and control the operations of a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

Advantages of 5-Axis Machining

5-Axis Machining Benefits
Design for Manufacture
Automation in 5-Axis Machining: Mazak HCR-5000

Complex Part Machining
Optimized for Aluminum Components
Work Envelope: Up to 28.74” x 28.74”
Automation: 18 Pallet System
Queued Operations for 18 Jobs
Minimizes Non-Cut Time
Improves Overall Process Efficiency
High-Efficiency Cooling System
Reduces Thermal Growth
High Accuracy and Efficiency

6-Sided Complete Machining: DMG Mori CTX TC (4 Units)

Complex Part Machining
High Precision and Throughput
Work Envelope: Up to 120.1” x 27.5” (19.7” Chuck)
Machining Versatility
Fully Prismatic Parts From Raw Material
High-Powered Turning Center
Elimination of Multiple Setups
Reduced Part Handling
High Part Accuracy

5-Axis Multi-Task Machining: Mazak INTEGREX i-400 (3 Units)

Complex Part Machining
High Precision and Throughput
Work Envelope: Up to 60” x 25.9” (12” Chuck)
High Part Accuracy
Elimination of Multiple Setups
Reduced Part Handling
Improved Efficiency
Reduced Lead-Time
Streamlined Tooling
Minimized Non-Cut Time
Elimination of Fixtures


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